Confusing Drills in D4 Dynamite

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Hi, thanks for the courses!!
I am just confused right now:
Chapter 2 Drill 3 covers an early c5 from black, the response being c3.
However, in Chapter 3, there is an entire study on dxc5 in the same scenario.
In the video for c5 c3 (chapter two) at the end you emphasize not wanting the viewer to get into a c5, c3 scenario with an early Qb6.
Shouldn't Drill 3 of chapter 2 be taken out of the Drill Shuffle then? Because obviously black does not have to play Nc6 after an early c5 c3, but can attack directly with the queen, entering the scenario you don't cover in the course.

Should one just ignore Drill 3 of chapter 2 then? All the best from Berlin!

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