Studies are too big for IPad screen (landscape mode)

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Similar to the issue described by Nathaniel, when you are in a Study in landscape mode, the site is too big to fit in the iPad screen. The board doesn’t fit entirely in the browser (Google Chrome in the latest iPad from 2022), you can’t zoom out either and you either focus on the board or the buttons.

The size of the drills has a better fit in an iPad screen, but the board seems a bit too small. It’d be nice if both Studies and Drills had the same size for the board and controls and, ideally, the size was somewhere in between the current sizes: they should fit in the iPad screen in landscape mode; the drills are a bit smaller than ideal (there is a lot of empty space), whereas the Studies are too big to fit. I’m attaching a screenshot showing the best view I could find trying to fit a study in the screen so you can see what I mean.

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